Folded Garden

Second Year Studio

Grow Collective_Project1

As the first of three Grow Collective studio projects, the Folded Garden introduces new issues and ideas related to materiality, structure and enviornmental research. Through the design process for this project, I learned valuable lessons such as studying and experimenting with difficult materials that prefer a certain structure to maintain stability and strength. This involved the realization that piano wire and heat shrink plastic mold well together when a double-curved skeleton is created and a taught membrane follows the shape. In addition to the introduction of material properties, I was able to test various centers of gravity and assymetrical designs to see how they interacted with the straggly leaves and heavy soil. 

Researching the human uses and care-taking methods of oregano, I was inspired by it’s tendancy to become rotted at the roots. After compling ways to prevent the rot, such as substantial soil aeration and easy drainage, I was able to apply solutions to my initial design.

Thin piano wire / 2 strands / semi circle of top two tiers

Thick piano wire / 6 strands / rest of structure